Saturday, 30 March 2013

How To Maximize The Function Scroll Mouse When Browsing

How to maximize the function Scroll Mouse-which often use the computer must know the dong of the mouse. Mouse over one of the hardware that must exist on the computer. The average mouse has three buttons are the buttons on the right, the left, and a scroll button there is usually in the middle. Well, for the button scroll is usually only made scrolling a page. But there is something hidden of the scroll function here I will explain. Here is the secret scroll mouse when browsing:

1. open a new tab in a fast
Usually right reply would open a new tab to right click and select open in new tab. The way it is inefficient. More quickly this way, click the link using the scroll mouse. Simply press the scroll mouse button on a link to open, then it will automatically open a new tab for that link. And also if there are websites that disable right click but there is a link that will open will be able to use it this way.

2. Close the browser tab to quickly
Usually right if you want to open a new tab to right click and select open in new tab.
There are ways to overcome it, too, could use a scroll mouse with scroll mouse how to tap in the browser tab on the tab, the tab will be closed quickly.

3. Open the bookmark links at once
If you have a website – favorite sites frequently you please visit or would like to visit the residence every day, then usually you click on one the site link in the bookmark. But it turns out there is a faster way is to click on a bookmark folder with scroll mouse.
Then automatically all the favorite websites links in that folder will open entirely automatically. No longer need to open one at a time, because if your bookmarks of many will take a lot of time.

4. Scroll automatically documents or pages that are opened
If opening a page of the site or a document length in the program – a program such as Word, Excel, Adobe reader, firefox or explorer to perform scrolling, usually simply rotate the scroll mouse with finger. But if the length of the page once it is will make fingers so tired. To avoid that, simply click and hold the mouse scroll button briefly. The auto scroll feature will go in where you can move and do the scrolling page being opened with just a little moving the mouse without having to turn the scroll button – rotate.

Very easy is not it? Scroll mouse makes it easy to you when browsing, save time, effort, too. It would be nice to try and jump in. In order to save time and everything.

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